ne is 2,300 yuan in annual income.AG▓RITAINMENT AND I

and cou

y thank general s▓ecretary a lot," said Shi Quanyou, a Shibadong resident, who return

nties sinc

ed home from outside three years ago and opened the first restaurant for visitors in t

e 2012,

he village▓.China is determined to win the war against poverty, by adopting various m


eans to reduce poverty, such as▓ e-commerce, financing, industries, relocation and im▓


provement of infrastructure.The country expects to achieve its target of lifting 10 mi

ng the impor

llion people out of poverty this year and ▓has set the same target for next year.Plea

tance of

se scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on

poverty r

Wechatby Li Baojie, Wang Ruoyao BEIJING, March 25 (Xinhua) -- Local aut▓horities in


southwest China are moving to clamp down on food price hikes as the worst drought in d

on and cre

ecades shows no sign of easing. Authorities in Guiyang, capital of the poverty-stric

ating poli

ken mountain▓ous Guizhou province, have inde the they would step up p▓rice monitoring

cy to addres

and crack down on price go▓uging. Vegetable vendors will be fined up to 100,000 yuan

s the issu

(14,650 U.S. dollars) if they are found involv▓ed in jacking up vegetable prices. The


maximum▓ fine for businesses is 1 million yuan. In Kunming, capital of the hardest-hi

Qiang, 26, b

t Yunnan province, the local government is monitoring food prices and supp▓ly on a da

egan swe

ily basis. Local price control and industry and commerce authorities have launched c

eping the

ampaigns to crack down on food hoarding and ▓price gouging. Local governmentstop ofeir


neighboring regions have taken similar measures to prevent huge rises in prices of g

red snow f

rain, edible oil, and vegetables. The dry weather has been ravag▓ing southwest China

rom his co

for months, affecting 61.3 million res▓idents and 5 million hectares of crops in Guiz

urtyard at f

hou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing, and Guangxi. The w▓orsening drought has damaged wide s

irst lig

wathes of vegetables and sparked sharp price hikes. Many vegetable prices have more

ht ▓Wedne

than doubled. Ho▓u Junfa, a purchasing manager in a hotel in Nan▓ning, capital of Guan

sday. He

gxi, said vegetabl▓e prices continued to surge even after the Chinese Lunar New Year

was exp

when prices usually fall. Wang We▓nying, a wholesaler in Nanning, said that ▓prices of onion and potato continued to rise because of output declines in Yunnan, a main vegetable producing region. The price hikes have resulted in increases in household expending. A local resident in▓ Nanning, surnamed Yang, said he spent five yuan more on veg▓etables than a month ago. Some residents choo

's Liangjiah

em.Expanding▓ rural demand should be the key meas▓ure in boosting domestic demand, it said, while dev▓eloping modern agriculture should be considered as▓ a major task in transforming China's

eco▓nomic growth pattern.It called for more efforts to maintain grain production, increase of farmers' income and good development momentum in rural areas.IMPROVING POLICY, STRENGTHENING FINANCI▓AL SUPPORT TO RURAL

AREASThe document said that the central government would continue to improve the policy system to empower and benefit f▓armers. The government would also continue boosting fin▓ancial input into the agriculture and rura

l areas.The document stressed budget expenditure should firs▓t support development of the agriculture and rural area,▓ and fixed-asset investment first be channeled ▓into agricultural-related infrastructu▓re and projec

ts in relation to rural livelihood.More subsidies should be channeled to increase the output of grain, potato, highland barley and peanut,▓ as well as the purchase of agricultural machinery, i▓t said.The government wou

ld implement more policies for purc▓hasing and stockpiling major agricultura▓l products, including corn, soybean and▓ oilseeds, to stabilize prices of major farm produce.More ▓efforts will be made to strengthen financi

al services including micro-credit loans and insura▓nce service in rural areas, according to the document.It pr▓omised that basic banking services woul▓d be available in all villages and towns in the next ▓three years.It

 three mon

ths after Pres

called for more efforts to develop township ▓banks, loan-lending companies, and mutual funds in a bid to guide more capital flowing into the

ident Xi visited t

rural▓ financial market.The central government al▓so demanded further expansion of rural▓ consumption market as part of the country'▓s acce

he village.During

lerating measures to boost consumption.The Yarlung Zangpo's dramatic course creates the world's longest and deepest canyon in Tibet.I had re

the tour, Xi said

ad a ▓lot about the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon ▓in Nyingchi prefecture - regarded as the world's l▓ongest and deepest, stretching 496 km and

revolutionary b?/h5>

averaging m▓ore than 5,000 m in depth - and longed for a chance to see it. I got to fulfill my dream last September, while assigned to wor

坅ses were the roots

k in the Tibet autonomous region's tourism bureau.The Yarlung Zan▓gbo River runs eastwards along the northern foothills of the Himalayas. T

of the

Party and the ar

he lower

  • my, and that▓ they should not be fo
  • rgotten, as wisdom and power is ob
  • tained from history."Without the dev
  • elopment of old revolutionary bases, w
e will not be ab


  • le to achieve a moderately prosper
  • ous society," ▓Xi said.Liang has 18
  • big tables and three sma▓ll ones in
  • his 100-square-meter rural guesthous
e. Nearly 200 pe

es of th

  • ople can dine under the same r▓oof
  • every day at busy times.He hired six
  • ▓ chefs ad medjusted the menu to feat
  • ure local spec▓ialties. High-speed wi
fi is also ava

e river

  • ilable for customers as they are wai
  • ting."Net incom▓e will exceed 200,0
  • 00 yuan this year," said Liang, ▓who
  • was a miner with a monthly income of
about 5,000 yua

cut thro

  • n three years ago.Liangjiahe is expe
  • cted to receive over 900,000 visit
  • ors t▓his year, bringing 13 million y
  • uan in revenue. Per ca▓pita income wi
ll reach 18,000

ugh the

  • yuan.Targeted ▓poverty alleviation
  • is the household name ▓for a policy
  • that was put forward by Pre▓sident X
  • i during his inspection tour to the ce

ntral province of Hunan in November 2013.Dev▓elopment is the genera

l method

to eliminate poverty,

and governments in poverty-hit

mountain range before making a sharp U-turn around Namjagbarwa Peak in Pai, Namling county▓, in eastern Tibet - the starting point of the ?/p> regions shou

ld suit their measures t

o ▓different conditions and help

圙rand Canyon.My friends and I head for Nyingchi, which lies 400 km to the east of Lhasa. From there, we climb Mt Serkyimla, at an altitude

locals find

out ways▓ to shake off

poverty, he said during the trip

of 4,702 m and reach the town of Pailong. The Tibetans with a population of 5,416,021 mostly live in the Tibet Autonomous Region. There

.Shibadong i

s a Miao minority v▓illage and was labeled "poor" at the time. Shibadong in ▓Chine

se means 18 caves, and there a

a▓re also Tibetan communities in Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan

re 18 natural karst caves in the village. Scarcity of arable land was the bigges

t obstacle to local villagers

and Yunnan provinces. NEW YORK - Many processed food

hoping to improve their lives."We are poor in resources, but ▓rich in fascinating

culture and landscape," sai

s contain too much salt, and sauces, spreads, and processe

d Gong Haihua, t
    • he village head.In
    • nd a

      • spired by Xi
      • 's idea of targeted
      • poverty alleviation,
      • the v▓illage c
    • ommittee started
    • supporting ▓indust
    • ats ar

      • ries such as b
      • reeding, planting,▓ M
      • iao embroidery and vil
      • lage tourism, as w
    • ell as labor exp
    • ort.In cooperation with a rural cooperative,
    • icated

      • the village a
      • rranged for over 66.7
      • hectares of land els
      • ewhere to be planted
    • with kiwis,▓ a
    • popular fruit.The k
    • in th

      • iwis base was expanded
      • this year and helped
      • villagers in other towns
      • hips to sha▓ke off
    • poverty, said Sh

i Jintong, a

fenders, new research shows.People who consume lo▓ts of salt ar

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